Who can I be?
Gigniks addresses the absence of career guidance in Los Angeles County high schools.
Local employers sponsor the program, offering students digital literacy, 21st century skills and an introduction to the workplace, while showcasing their careers to a national audience.
What We Do (produced by the students)
Gigniks' film instructors provide an intensive semester-long course in video production.
Students get digital literacy, hands-on experience and an inside take on the workplace by producing a series of 3-minute video profiles of sponsors' employees in a wide range of career paths, from entertainment to engineering, to entrepreneurial.
Together, schools, sponsors and instructors help students build Gigniks' career channel, hosted on YouTube and shared on peer-to-peer social networks, sparking youthful imaginations with the infinite possibilities of the working world.
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Gigniks' student-generated career content is networked by our partners, the California School Counselor Access Network (CSCAN); ConnectEd Studios (serving Linked Learning schools across the state); and the California Career Resource Network (CalCRN), accessible by millions of students statewide.
In conjunction with Belmont High School Media Academy, Gigniks is developing a careers-focused new media curriculum, aligned with Common Core and A-G Standards, to offer to schools across the state.
Students will experience all aspects of the production cycle, then get career exposure and hands-on experience by producing professional quality video career profiles. Through this authentic process, students will develop and hone all of the key 21st Century skills: digital media, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.
  • Documentary video structure (A, B & C rolls)
  • Learning the equipment
  • Practicing the craft ("All About Me" video production)
  • Sound and lighting workshops
  • Cinematography workshops
  • Interview workshop
  • Editing on Final Cut
  • Location shoots
  • Media management
  • Transcription and paper cut (written edit)
  • Video edit
  • Post production sound/color correction
  • Upload to vimeo/youtube
  • Social media promotion
Starting in spring 2014, Gigniks will partner with UCLA CRESST (National Center for Research on Student Evaluation and Testing) to evaluate improved student digital literacy and 21st century skills, adjusting for background factors such as age, experience, socio-economic level, and language.
Program objectives will also measure broadened student awareness of career opportunities, as well as increases in student understanding of the core steps, hurdles and goals involved in attaining a given career position. Additionally, we will build strategies where partner schools can follow up to assess longer-term impact.
Once the online platform is completed, additional metrics will be developed to measure online users' exposure and corresponding attitude changes, as well as expanded awareness of connections between schoolwork and future employment.